Don’t be fooled by its small size, the european capital has probably more to do per square meters than most other places in Europe. Brussels gets a bad reputation as a gloomy city. You’ll actually be surprised of the way new meets old and pretty meets ugly. The city is a mosaic of languages, cultures, and traditions that its very welcoming people will be glad to share with you! Brussels is wonderfully wacky; the city where anything is possible…impossible is not Brusseleer!




Via Via BXL   The magic of Via Via happens with the astonishing atmosphere: a hybrid place which blends artisans, culture, bar and restaurant. Students, families, travelers, get together for a drink or a board game on the glass-roofed courtyard or in the welcoming inside. A particular focus is given to local beers such as the Brasserie de la Senne or the Brussels Beer Project ones. They also offer a great choice of bio products, from the fruit juices including the ice teas, fair trade coffee, and tasty cocktails.

Quai à la Houille 9/Steenkoolkaai 9,1000 Bruxelles – Sun-Thu 15-01, Fri-Sat 14-03



Walvis   There’s nothing more chilling than to sit on a terrace during a lazy Brussels’ afternoon, and Walvis is a great option to do so! Situated at the end of Rue Dansaert, this place overlooks the canal, offering a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Rue Dansaert 209 1000 Brussels – Mon-Sun 11-01


Café Merlo   A discreet bar hidden in a Saint Catherine district’s little street. Surely one of the most authentic and atypical café in town, it has regular clients although newbie are always welcome; all you have to do is to carry a beer. Sit inside, on the terrace with a balcony on the S. Catherine’s fountain or in the smoking room at the first floor, and enjoy the live concert. Flemish language is very present, but after a while, all languages are alike.

Quai aux Briques 80/Baksteenkaai 80, 1000 Brussels – 15-02, weekend closes at 04


Archiduc   A must in Brussels for live music lovers. Grab a beer, take a seat in the wonderful circle bar and enjoy the jazzy atmosphere.

Rue Antoine Dansaert 6/Antoine Dansaertstr. 6, 1000 Brussels – Mon-Sun 16-05


Archipel   Step in one of the most eclectic bar in town. Grab a cheap beer and strike up a conversation with your neighbor, chill on your laptop in the sunny terrace or let yourself go on the dance-floor until the waiters kick you out.

Rue du Marché aux Poulets 12-14/Kiekenmarkt 12-14 1000 Brussels – Mon-Sat 12-whenever they close 


Monk   Great spot to have an aperitif on the late afternoon. Don’t miss the chance to taste the exclusive Westvleteren 12, several times highlighted as best beer in the world. If you are a little hungry, the restaurant will tickle your taste buds with simple and delightful dishes. Do not miss the swing afternoon on Sunday starting at

Rue Ste Catherine 42/Sint-Katelijnestraat 42 1000 Brussels – Sun-Thu 11-02, Fri-Sat 11-04 


Bar des Amis   The modest front window hides more than you‘d think… No surprise that this recently opened bar has become one of the trendiest of Sainte Catherine area, Its large choice of drinks, together with the vintage decorated huge space, and the friendly staff, will welcome you in this vibrant venue, the perfect alternative for those who don’t feel like clubbing in the weekend!

Rue Sainte Catherine 30 1000 Bruxelles – Mon-Sun 16-it depends, weekend even 05


Madame Moustache   A magnificent setting which through you back to the golden years. Vintage ears looking for their dose must give Madame Moustache a shot. Theme evenings are organized, so look it up on the website and dash at full speed!

Quai au Bois à Brûler 5-7/MBrandhoutkaai 5-7 1000 Brussels – Tue-Sat 19-04 


Café le Coq   There’s always a sunbeam to warm you up in the very traditional Le Coq during the cold winter. Le Coq, like Archipel, is such an eclectic place that it suits any kind of moments: to read a book by the window in the afternoon, to meet with a bunch of friends or to come alone and strike up a chat with the old yellow fingered smoky man on your right. Be careful with being locked inside, you might spend an amazing night!

Rue Auguste Orts 14 /Auguste Ortsstr. 14 1000 Brussels – Mon-Sun 10.30-02 


Saint Géry square   Once of ill repute, the crossroads is now one of the heart-beating points of the city center. Summer or winter, sunny or rainy, it doesn’t matter, this trendy bar area will always be crowded with young people from the early afternoon until closure! Nab a drink and sit on the terrace of Zebra Bar, Mappa Mundo or Roi des Belges. In the weekend Mezzo throw crazy free parties and whip the crowd up into a frenzy. For something more electro Café Central is the right option. If you are looking for a quiet place instead, go to Booze n’Blues around the corner, just next to Coasters.

Place Saint-Géry/Sint-Goriksplein 1000 Brussels


Delirium   Are you planning a beer testing night? You’ll surely find the one that suits you among the 3000 -yes three thousand! – on the list. Part of the Delirium Village, which includes an absinthe bar, a rum bar, a tequila bar and a cocktail bar, Delirium is open every day until 6 a.m. Don’t forget the Thursday’s jam session!

Impasse de la Fidélité/Getrouwheidsgang 1000 Brussels – Mon-Sun 10-04 sometimes 06 


Bonnefooi   Live music, live music, live music! At least it’s clear! Long time lasting performances in a small and cozy environment, huge selection of drinks and a groovy atmosphere, that’s what Bonnefooi is all about!

Rue des Pierres 8/Steenstraat 8 1000 Brussels – Mon-Sun 16-08 


Au Soleil   Au Soleil owes its name to the old clothing shop located here years ago. It also kept the authentic and beautiful architecture. At Au Soleil, people are down-to-earth, you’ll always spend a pleasant moment alone or with your friends, inside or in the beautiful terrace where the sun will shine until nightfall. Is there anything better than a cold beer and fresh snacks under a pink sky? Don’t forget to visit the restroom.

Rue du Marché au Charbon 86/Kolenmarkt 86 1000 Brussels – Sun-Thu 10-01 Fri-Sat 10-02 


Moder Lambic   If you are looking for the perfect beer this is the right place! The Belgian beer selection is simply amazing and the incredibly friendly staff will always help you to find the perfect brew, according to your own taste! Ask for the guest beers list and the bottle beers menu, and if you don’t want to miss anything get a plate of their delicious cheese and cold meats!

Place Fontainas 8 1000 Bruxelles – Sun-Wed 11-01 Thu-Sat 08-03


Parvis de Saint-Gilles

One of the coziest neighborhoods in Brussel, inhabited by a multicultural, young population and characterized by lively and dynamic atmosphere.

Café Maison du Peuple   Understanding why this place became an institution of Brussels’ night life is no secret: the interior design, the suffused lighting, the live concerts and the dj sets, everything contributes to the incredible atmosphere! Quiz on Tuesday, great concerts, crêpes on Sundays?

Parvis de Saint-Gilles 39/Sint-Gillis Voorplein 39 1060 Saint-Gilles – Sun-Thu 08.30-01 Fri-Sat 8.30-03



Potemkine   Beautiful space with a view on Porte de Hal, the last vestige of the second walls of Brussels. The decoration alternates cozy sofas and big wooden tables. It is the perfect spot to spend a night with friends playing board game on Tuesdays, available at the bar. Potemkine offers delightful dishes, an endless choice of beers and many events and ateliers for all ages. Live music, DJ sets, and themed events embellish a place already terrific! Don’t forget that every Sunday there is a refined brunch for 12€.

Avenue de la Porte de Hal 2-4/Hallepoortlaan 2-4 1060 Saint-Gilles – Mon-Sun 08-01 weekend 03


Flagey & Cimitière d’Ixelles

These two neighborhoods, very close to each other, are the epicenter of the Brussels student life! The high number of bars, restaurants and ethnic shops attracts thousands of young people who will literally fight to get a room there!

Café Belga   On a sunny day, Place Flagey goes with Café Belga! With a large variety of drinks and food, this bar has become an institution for the massive number of students living in the neighborhood. During the hot days, the enormous terrace stretches until the little lake in front of this bar, creating a sort of micro-village pervaded of good vibes!

Place Eugène Flagey 18/Eugène Flageyplein 18 1050 Ixelles – Sun-Thu 08-02 Fri-Sat 08-03


Le Tavernier   No self-respecting student spends a night in the vibrant Cimetière d’Ixelles without having a drink at le Tavernier. It is without any doubt the reference bar for any ULB student. This place offers a great choice of drinks for very moderate prices. Try to get a place in the sofas inside or enjoy their great terrace, always crowded with students from many different countries!

Chaussée De Boondael 445 1050 Ixelles – Sunday-Thursday 10-02 Friday & Saturday 10pm-03am


El Café   Among the most popular bars of Cimetière d’Ixelles, El Café will seduce you with its interior design and the easygoing ambiance. Perfect for a coffee in the early afternoon or a night out with friends!

Avenue de la Couronne 463, 1050 Ixelles – Tuesday to Sunday 12pm-03am


 Bia Mara   Bia Mara has no reason to envy UK! Fresh and sustainable Fish & Chips from 10€! The waiters are friendly and the service very quick. Ask for the beer of the month to fully enjoy your dinner!

Rue du marché aux poulets 41/Kiekenmarkt 41 1000 City of Brussels – Mon-Thu 12-14.30/17.30-22.30 Fri-Sun 12.30-22.30 


Houtsiplou   Smelly cheeses, foie gras, and Belgian specialities also are in! Flavourful burgers in a childish setting which leaves no one indifferent.

Place Rouppe 9/Rouppeplein 9 1000 Brussels – Mon-Sat 12-22.30 Sun 9-17

houtsiplou 2.1

 Peck 47   Enter the hipster style venue whether you grow a beard or not. You won’t be disillusioned by the soothing atmosphere of the tiny cozy café. The design is minimalist with a little humour as for food is original and artisanal with a lot of taste! It’s all good! + Dj’s and cocktails at 5€ on Fridays.

Kiekenmarkt 47/Rue Marché aux Poulets 47 1000 Bruxelles – Mon-Thu 8.30-20 Fri 8.30-02 Sat-Sun 11-22

peak47 3.

 La Mer du Nord / Noordzee   Fresh fish in an atypical and chaotic atmosphere ! Order at the counter, give your name or whatever nickname you’d like to be called, and wait for them to shout your alias out at one of the high tables sipping your glass of wine. ! Everything is fresh and delicious. Can bring physical dependence.

Rue Sainte Catherine 45/Sint-Katelijnestraat 45 1000 Brussels – Tue-Sat 08-18 Sun 11-20 

merdunord 5.1

Play Label Rooftop





Beursschouwburg Rooftop



Fuse   Ranked yearly in Dj Mag Top 100 Clubs, Fuse is without any doubt one of the world’s leading techno clubs. Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin and many other guest Djs unleash the crowd every Saturday night. On Thursday, crazy student parties go on!

Rue Blaes 208/Blaesstraat 208 1000 Brussels – Thu 22-04 Sat 23-07


The Wood   Situated in the heart of Bois de La Cambre, The Wood has rapidly affirmed itself as one of the best club in the city. Minimal & Deep House lovers will be enchanted by this Berlin-style atmosphere every week from Thursday to Saturday!

Chemin de la Meute 1, 1000 Brussels – Thu-Sat 23-06


Recyclart   This place is not just a club. Located in Bruxelles-Chapelle train station, Recyclart is a urban project that includes an arts center, a bar and restaurant. At night this venue becomes a spot for concerts and parties, from techno to dubstep, from free jazz to sludge metal. Check out their agenda to know what’s going on!

Rue des Ursulines 25, 1000 Brussels – Wed-Sat 23-06 according to the events



Les Jardins Suspendus




Les Aperos Urbains




Bruxsel Jardin


Bruxel Jardin

PikNik Elektronik